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Focus on private equity

PI implemented a portfolio construction strategy with a regular annual commitment approach starting in 2014 and then formed a dedicated team. These developments have accelerated since 2017. The group has sown a lot and the value of private equity fund shares has quadrupled since then.

The PI strategy is structured around a limited number of partners with whom the group seeks to build ongoing relationships. The group invests mainly in Europe and the United States in Growth and LBO funds, mainly in the Tech and Healthcare sectors.

PI does not yet report on the performance of its investments. We modeled recent investment flows and expected distributions starting in 2021 over an 8-year period. Based on the average multiples paid and exit levels achieved in private equity over the last few years, we calculated the expected investment flows and distributions. We conclude that the group will benefit in the coming years from repayments in excess of its capital calls, unlike the last 5 years.

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